LTA Consulting offers a variety of legal services in the field of insolvency and liquidation of companies.

We have significant experience in all aspects related to the cessation of the commercial activity of campanies. We strive to offer our clients complex assistance in carrying out the various procedures that are part of the liquidation of companies - collecting receivables from the contracts to which the companies are parties, fulfilling their obligations and arranging the relations with the counterparties, payment of the public duties, liquidation and distribution of the accumulated property between the partners or shareholders, deletion of the legal entities from the respective public registers.

Clients are provided qualified services related to:

• The corporate documents required for the start of the liquidation procedure;

• Convening and holding general meetings of the partners or shareholders – providing advice on the issues decided by the general meeting, optimizing the liquidation procedure, attending the meetings;

• Election and appointment of a liquidator(s), consulting on the liquidator's activity, participation in meetings;

• Coordination in the submission of financial statements and other documents to the competent bodies - Commercial Register, tax authorities, etc.;

• Consulting on all contracts and actions related to the liquidation of the company’s assets, collection of receivables, performance of obligations and distribution of the collected amounts between the partners or the shareholders;

• Consulting related to the arrangement of the relations between the partners or the shareholders, preparation for agreements, control over the implementation of the concluded agreements, etc.


The company has experience in consulting all parties in the insolvency procedure - insolvent companies, creditors or third persons.

We advise our clients how to exercise their rights against insolvent companies and to make their claims in the most effective and secure way. Our services in this field include:

• A detailed analysis of the debtor's legal and financial status and drawing up suggestions for future actions;

• Consulting during all the stages of the insolvency procedure;

• Representation at creditors' meetings;

• Interaction with the appointed assignee;

• Consulting on possible actions to secure the receivables and interests of the client in the cases where he has the capacity of creditor, claiming the receivables, bringing actions for repealing of actions and contracts of the debtor damaging the interests of the creditors;

• Participation in negotiations for the arrangement of the relations between the parties in the insolvency procedure, consulting on the drawing up of a viability plan or the conditions of the distribution of the collected assets;

• Consulting on the implementation of the viability plan or the conditions of the distribution of the collected assets.