The acquisition and the sale of real estates can be a long and complicated process. LTA Consulting gives advice to its clients on the possible complications that may arise and also provides adequate and effective solutions based on experience gained in various real estate deals.

Our experience and expertise covers all legal and tax issues that are directly related to the accomplishment of investment projects in this area (from a legal analysis of the structure of the transaction to a description of the tax and financial aspects of the project).

LTA Consulting provides complex legal assistance for the acquisition and the alienation of property rights – purchase, acquisition of construction rights against compensation, alienation of a real estate in exchange for maintenance and care, donation, establishment and retention of the right to use, establishment of a right to addition or alteration, easements, time bar, etc. We provide full assistance for the acquisition of real estates in Bulgaria as well as for the subsequent accomplishment of investment projects.

Among the services we provide to our clients are:

  • Consulting on contracts for acquisition of real estates or limited property rights on real estates – private, state and municipal property;
  • Consulting and assistance in the process of crediting the investment in a real estate by a bank or other financial institution, as well as in case of loan agreements between natural and legal persons;
  • Assistance in the management of condominiums – election of managing bodies, registration of condominiums, consulting on the management itself;
  • Consulting and mediation in the share of the use of real estates, in case of disputes about the right to property of real estates and disturbed possession.

LTA Consulting has accumulated a lot of experience in consulting projects for the acquisition of land plots for construction purposes, performance of projects under preliminary real estate sale contracts. Our goal is to provide as much security and efficiency as possible in the process of acquisition and alienation of real estates.


Our team advises our clients on different types of contracts related to the accomplishment of the construction process, such as engineering contracts, EPC (engineering, procurement, construction) contracts, construction supervision contracts, etc.

Among the services we provide to our clients are:

  • Legal assistance in all stages of the construction process;
  • Consulting and assistance, participation in meetings and negotiations for the arrangement of the relations between the participants in the construction process;
  • Consulting on contracts necessary for the accomplishment and the organization of the construction process – for engineering, construction, author supervision and / or construction supervision, etc.;
  • FIDIC contracts;
  • Defining the rights, obligations and responsibilities of the various participants in the construction process;
  • Assistance in determining the applicable requirements for the type of construction and the persons involved in the construction;
  • Observance of the specific requirements of the Spatial Development Act.

Our joint work with builders, engineers, designers and other experts helps us provide first-class and effective legal assistance.

LTA Consulting will meet your needs also regarding the consulting on the legal aspects of the construction and entry into service of power plants; construction of wind power plants, photovoltaics, gas and biogas projects, construction of business and shopping centers, buildings and residential parks.