About us

LTA Consulting is based in Sofia and has an established partner network of consultants in different business centres in Europe. We have a lot of experience on the Bulgarian market and international expertise and network, providing our clients legal, finance, tax and accounting services, which help them achieve their professional goals.

Social responsibility

Our values are fundamental for all we do. We invest in the communities we are part of, support the development of talent and work with people with fewer opportunities.


LTA Consulting's teams consists of professionals, united by the view that there is no universal rule for achieving excellent results.

  • Vacant positions

    There are no vacant positions at the moment. Please, send us your CV.

  • Apprentice program

    We offer summer and full-year paid apprentice programs. Application form (link to the quick online contact form)

Code of Ethics

We strictly observe the rules of business ethics. Honesty, transparency, respect and  reciprocity ate the values, shared by us, our partners and our clients.